Please read!! I was just plagiarized

This isn’t clickbait, this happened last night with my Tony Moly post. A website straight up stole my post, gave themselves credit, and translated my post into French. Thank goodness I can read French. I happened to be notified because there was a link to a previous blog embedded. Had that link not been there, I would have had no idea that I had just been stolen from. They didn’t even bother to remove it!

Stolen blog post original French

Their website <

They even used the picture of ME!! To say I am furious is an understatement, and rest assured, it will be handled. The reason for this post is mainly for the other bloggers out here. I would strongly suggest you check this website for your work. If you use Google Chrome, it will translate the page for you, so you can know for certain if they have your work. The translations are awful, (maybe laughable under other circumstances) but the intent is crystal clear.

As a beginner in the blogging world, this is so upsetting, disappointing, infuriating … I don’t even know what else. Has this happened to any of y’all, that you’re aware of? How did you handle it? They have a FB page, and I am restraining myself from going over there and blasting them publicly. Never mind … they have two followers over there, but I will leave a terrible review. I am currently contacting their web host and reporting them for abuse. Is there any other recourse? How dare they take my work, potentially make money from it when I’m not even making any money???

Sigh … I’m so disheartened. I will try to get the Ipsy and Birchbox post up this evening. If not then, it’ll be up early, early, early tomorrow morning. Y’all … I just don’t even have any more words right now




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Mid~Week Mask ~ Luminating Lotus

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! Today has been a great day! My niece is here, slumber partying for a few days. She’s five … I wrote about her a while back. You can read about that here. She told me earlier that tonight was going to be a girl’s night out haha We won’t be going anywhere, but those are her words for having a spa night. In fact, she picked out my mask for tonight, and I hope she picked a good one!

This came in my Ipsy bag this month. An unboxing post for Ipsy and Birchbox will be coming on Thursday, so this is a bit of a sneak peek. For July, Ipsy gave their subscribers the option to choose an item for their bag, so I jumped on the Tony Moly option. In addition to this lotus mask, they included a green tea mask. YAY! Alrighty … let’s get to it!

Okay, I’m just gonna say it … Tony Moly masks are not my favorite <ducks from the K beauty lovers of the world> I was hoping this particular style would be better (which is why I was excited above.) I don’t know what it is about their serum, but it leaves my face quite sticky. The directions say to pat the serum in and leave on. Ummmm … I cannot do that. I will leave it on my skin as long as possible, but I cannot leave it on while I sleep. I would be afraid I would wake up with a break out. Because of the stickiness, I cannot tell if my skin is moisturized or not. It’s definitely not luminized (hehe). The masks aren’t awful, by any means. I’ve had some awful face masks and I’ve absolutely had worse. Would I repurchase? Ummm … no. Not when there are so many incredible K beauty skin care products out there that don’t leave me so sticky. Don’t get me wrong, Tony Moly is a great brand! Maybe it’s something in my skin that this serum clashes with. I have six or seven Tony Moly masks left that I will use, or maybe I’ll donate them. I have tried to like them. I really have! I have reviewed them before, and really focused on the positives. I am running out of positives, though. I feel so bad giving this mask a less than glowing review, but it is what it is. At least, for me and my skin, this is a miss.

What is your experience with Tony Moly masks? Do they work well with your skin? What about their other products, do they work well for you? Lemme know!



Try-it Tuesday ~ Latex Nail Tape

**This post contains affiliate links**

Good Tuesday, lovelies! A second post today?? I feel bad I didn’t get yesterday’s post up on time, and I feel like I am getting off track, so yep … two posts today! I am the WORST when it comes to painting my nails. I do not have the coordination in my hands to do a neat and tidy job, which means I have a big clean up job to do afterward. Who has time for all that, really? Well, I suppose I do, but I don’t want to do it haha What that meant was I usually went with nekkid nails. Honestly, that’s not a great look for me. My sausage fingers (thanks RA) look MUCH better with polish. Aside from spending a fortune every week or two for a manicure, what’s a messy polisher to do?

Let me introduce you to latex nail tape!


This PUEEN Latex Tape Peel Off Cuticle Guard Skin Barrier Protector Nail Art Liquid Tape 15ml Pink BH000584(<<affiliate link) is a gift from the heavens for messy polishers. You paint it on the skin around the nail before you polish.

It goes on a very light pink and dries to exactly that nail color above haha Once it dries, you can be as messy as you want to be because it DOES NOT penetrate that barrier! Once your polish dries (and cures … that part is very important) you can peel the latex off and your beautiful polish job is revealed!

These pics show why you need to wait until the polish has cured. When I began peeling, the latex peeled the polish up around the edges. It wasn’t tragic, because it was extra polish from being purposely messy. It wore away pretty quickly and my nails looked pretty darn awesome.

This is such a cool product. It is not the product for you if you have a latex allergy, as it is latex. But, if you are allergy free, an uncoordinated polisher and you don’t want to pay for a manicure every week or two, check this product out! It’s super easy to use and it is very effective.

Are you a pro polisher, or clutzy like me? What products do you use to get a beautiful at-home manicure? Lemme know!


Sephora mini haul and July Play! box

Good Tuesday, lovelies! I hope everyone is doing well on this fine day! It has been quite rainy here, and this weather is KILLER for those of us with chronic pain and/or conditions. I don’t know what it is about the barometer falling, but the storms yesterday and Sunday sent me into a horrible flare. None of my prescription opiates were working and I spiked a fever, which is pretty common. I am not fully recovered yet, today, so I thought I would do an easy and fun post!

I am the worst when it comes to online shopping. Having access to apps makes it even worse hahaha I get emails from Sephora and Ulta daily, telling me all the cool things they have on sale. And I am weak!! Weak, I say! This is a mini haul, because I actually practiced some self restraint. It was tough … have you guys seen the new Sephora Pro palettes???? It took every bit of self control not to put one of those suckers in my cart, but at $68 a piece, they’ll just have to wait. But they are soooo prettyyyyy …


I am pretty sure I’ve talked about the Clinique pep-start pods before, and the Sephora sleeping masks. I wouldn’t recommend the pep-start wipes for eye makeup. I have found (the hard way) that you have to use a little too much force if you are wearing waterproof products. They are great for face makeup, though. And those sleeping masks … y’all … incredible products and well worth the money. There is way more than one use in those little pods. I have also found the Sephora brand lip balm to be some of the best I have ever used on my lips. They seem to be perpetually on sale at $4, which makes them very much worth trying out. The formula is very smooth and buttery, and delivers lasting hydration. I have not used the blotting papers before, so I am looking forward to trying them out. Nor have I used the Caudalie facial mist, but I know the brand’s reputation is impeccable, and I read grape water is great for soothing rosacea. Win-win! Finally, the freebies!! I am excited to try out the eye makeup wipes. I’m not gonna lie … I’m a lazy girl  sometimes and I just want to lie on my couch instead of taking off my makeup. With these, coupled with the Clinique pep-start pods, I can do just that hahahaha! I am unfamiliar with the Jo Malone perfume, so I’m also excited to try that out, and a girl can never have enough Juliette has a gun 🙂

On to July’s Play! box …


Isn’t that a cute little bag? I am most excited about the Peter Thomas Roth mask. I use a facial mist from that brand (same line, in fact) that is AWESOME (and always sold out at Sephora … that’s how amazing it is)! Also very excited about the perfume. I spritzed a bit on a piece of paper and it is divine! Sephora Play! runs about $10. They do charge tax, so it does vary based on where you live.

Do you guys sub to any subscription boxes? I also do Ipsy and Birchbox. What are your thoughts on sub boxes? Love ’em or hate ’em, or just confused by them? Lemme know!

Sneak Peek ~ New Besame collections

Stop the presses, y’all! During the D23 expo this week, Besame Cosmetics dropped a bombshell. They are launching a Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Collection … Need to collect yourselves? It’s cool … I’ll wait …

If you don’t know, Bésame is a luxury vintage cosmetics company. Their cosmetics are inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood, which is generally considered to be the 1930’s through the 1940’s. Think pale skin, ruby red lips, and blacker than black mascara. That makes Bésame the perfect company to come out with a Snow White makeup collection! There is no official release date that I have seen, but I will keep you posted!

Something else super cool in the works from Bésame is an Agent Carter collection. Those of you who may not know, Agent Peggy Carter was Captain America’s love interest before he was Captain America, during World War II. Agent Carter also had a very short lived television show on ABC, which is home to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The only thing on the website is this message from Tony Stark:

Taken from the Besame website

How cute is that?? Like the Snow White collection, there is no release date, but I will let you know as soon as I hear.

What do you guys think? Are you as excited for these collections as I am?? Let me know!


Skin Care Saturday ~ Freeman Beauty Infusion

Happy Saturday, lovelies! I hope you all are having a relaxing weekend. I just had a mini fangirl moment. I messaged one of my favorite YouTubers, Emily Noel, and she messaged me back! I love that there are so many different platforms for internet personalities to interact with their followers, and she literally made my day : )

On that happy note, let’s talk about tonight’s mask. I ordered this Hibiscus + Vitamin C from Sally’s Beauty and it came the other day. Their masks are pretty reasonably priced. This one was just over $3. I don’t have local access to the Freeman Beauty Infusion sheet masks, and that’s not a bad price for a sheet mask, period. Sheet masks are so funny to me. They never fit me right, so I think like I look like a lunatic, no matter my facial expression haha


It has a very nice, light floral scent. It doesn’t really smell like hibiscus, but it’s nice, all the same. It also wasn’t so loaded with serum that it dripped down my neck. I really don’t like when that happens. It just messy, and I do not like messy when I’m trying to relax.

I kept this mask on the full twenty minutes. One thing I noticed right away is the serum was not sticky. There are a few brands that have very sticky serum. So much so that my face is still tacky in the morning. I’ve figured out which brands those are, and I actually rinse my face a little when I remove them. I removed the mask about an hour ago and my skin feel like skin. YAY! It also feels nice and hydrated. Double YAY! A few things of note about this particular mask … it is free of parabens and sulfates and is NOT tested on animals! Triple YAY!!!

Now for the bummer news … I don’t see any difference in my skin’s brightness or tone, nor was my discoloration corrected. My thought is that it obviously won’t do all of that after one use, but I think there should be something that says “noticeable difference after six uses” … something along those lines, anyway. The claims on these packages could be a little misleading for those who are new to skin care and facial masks.

Overall, I am pretty pleased with tonight’s choice. I will follow up with Sephora’s avocado sleeping mask, for an added hydration boost. I did some burning in my yard today and being in the smoke is a bit drying for my already dry-ish skin.

Have you used products from the Freeman Beauty Infusion line? What do you think about them? Lemme know!


Bougie on a Budget ~ Battle of the Eye Makeup Removers

Hello lovelies! Are we all ready for the weekend?? I sure am. I am kicking this weekend off right! Lots of relaxation, me time and epic battles! Also, Game of Thrones returns Sunday haha

Any opportunity I have to get eye makeup remover samples, (any samples, really), I jump on it. If I’m going to potentially spend $30, for just over 4 oz of product, I need to know it’s going to be a worthwhile investment. It’s very important to me that a remover is 1) actually going to remove makeup and 2) remove it with minimal effort. I have watery eyes, and I live in a very hot, humid climate, so waterproof mascara is nearly a must if I don’t want to look like a raccoon. Also, I am getting to that age where my facial skin is thinning, so the last thing I want to do is scrub my eyes, trying to remove waterproof mascara. And so, a battle is born … the Battle of the Bougie Makeup Removers!!

In one corner, weighing in at a hefty $30 for 4.2 oz is Lancome’s Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover.

Photo taken from the Lancome website

In the other corner, also weighing in at 4.2 oz, but for the shocking low price of $19, Clinique’s Take The day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes & Lips.

Photo taken from Clinique’s website

Both of these heavyweights came out swinging, battling for the number one spot. There can be only one winner, though. Here’s the breakdown:

This is a before picture of my eye makeup. It was a long day, but there is some eye shadow and eyeliner left, and waterproof mascara.

After photos of my right eye.

After photos of my left eye.


And the aftermath hahaha I used Clinique on my left eye, and Lancôme on my right. Both removed every bit of make up, as you can see on the cotton pads, and in the after photos. There were some small differences, however.

The Lancôme remover was a dream. It took about thirty seconds to remove every trace of waterproof mascara. There was no tugging, no harsh rubbing or scrubbing. Just gentle wiping of the eye area.

The Clinique remover didn’t work quite as well. Don’t get me wrong, it still did an excellent job. It took about twice a long to ensure I got everything off, and it required me to be a bit more aggressive. Now, I didn’t have to rub hard enough to do any damage or anything like that. I would have gone another route before I damaged my eye area. It was a small, but noticeable difference between the two removers, though.

Now, is it an $11 difference? To me, no. The Clinique remover does an excellent job. However, if your eye area is particularly sensitive, it may be well worth the price difference. And since this post is about being bougie on a budget, I have to go with the more budget-friendly price, hands down. For now, Clinique is the champ. It shouldn’t get too comfortable there, though. There’s always a contender, ready to take the number one spot!

What’s your favorite high end makeup remover? Lemme know!


Thursday Thoughts ~ Being Yourself

Good afternoon lovelies! I hope you all are doing well. Have I mentioned to you guys how much of a nerd/geek I am? I am a huge fantasy genre fanatic. You know, LOTR, The Hobbit, etc. I even played Dungeons and Dragons as a teen. I have an enormous fantasy/science fiction library, and I prefer the books to the movies, in most cases. Why am I telling you all this? If anything, this is about as far removed from beauty/wellness/chronic conditions as one can get. I’ll tell you why.

I prefer to have music playing when I write. It helps to keep the juices flowing and I will not get distracted by what might be on my tv screen, and get sucked in for hours haha. I like Pandora because of the endless variety of music available. My favorite station on Pandora? The Lord of the Rings Radio hehehe I got it up and running and just had to giggle to myself. I thought “yep, I really am that person, and I am 100% okay with that”! I have always been one to follow my own heart, rather than what may be trendy or cool.

My dad and I never really got along. I don’t know why. We never really connected in any way, except one. Books. Specifically fantasy and science fiction novels. In fact, when I was a preteen, he gave me his Lord of the Rings trilogy. I devoured those novels, over and over, until I lost them. My  hubby (then boyfriend) was in a car accident and I think they were in his truck when it was towed away … sigh. Around the same time, my uncle introduced me to Terry Brooks and the Shannara series. The genre had me, hook, line and sinker.

There are a few things I love about this genre. One is being transported to another universe, similar to ours, but different enough to act as an escape from the drudgery of normal, everyday life. Another thing is obviously magic and dragons hahaha! One very important reason I love this genre is the characters are unapologetically themselves. There are fairies, dwarfs, elves, ogres, dragons, vampires, werewolves … you get the idea. For the most part, each of these creatures is totally comfortable in who they are. They don’t worry about fitting in, following trends, being cool. They are themselves, and no one else. Well, unless it’s a shape-shifter of some sort hehe

Learning how to be yourself is such a valuable process. It’s hard to be comfortable in our own skin when we are constantly bombarded with the opposite message by the media. “Lose 5 pounds this weekend!” “Styles for spring you MUST have” Images of women who have been photoshopped to fit an unattainable beauty standard are everywhere. Thankfully, some models are pushing back and have a “no photoshop” clause in their contracts. There’s nothing wrong with losing a few pounds, or following fashion trends, if that is who you are and what you like. The problem comes in when it becomes pressure. Pressure to conform. Pressure to fit in. Pressure to be someone you are not.

I consider myself lucky, in that I never really felt the need to hide who I am, or try to be someone I’m not. That’s not easy for a lot of people. It can take years before they really know who they are, what they believe in and what they stand for. I think it’s a really hard process to go through later in life, but it is worth it!! There is great freedom in being you. You never have to worry if you’re doing it right!

So who am I? I am a mother, wife, friend, hippie, huge nerd, comic-con attender, book lover, make up lover, body positive chubby chic, LGBT+ ally, practitioner of loving kindness, spreader of positivity, rose colored glasses wearer, chronic disease warrior and chronic pain fighter. Who am I not? I am not a trend follower, catty, jealous, a gossiper, a drama queen or a hater. I am 100% comfortable in my own skin and who I have grown into being.

Who are you? Are you happy with who you are? What was your journey like, to becoming the you that you love? Lemme know!


Midweek Mask ~ Primrose Oil

Hello lovelies! Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a fabulous day. I have procrastinated writing this evening’s blog for hours haha I took an unexpected nap around 6 this evening and that ruined me for the rest of the night. One of the problems that goes hand in hand with chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases is chronic fatigue. Fatigue isn’t just being tired. It is life altering tired. It’s not being able to control falling asleep. It’s not being able to do the things you need to do because of exhaustion. I sleep about seven hours a night. I putter around for about an hour after I wake up doing things: taking my dogs out (separately, of course), feeding them, taking my medicines. After I get everything finished, about an hour has passed. Then, I usually take an unexpected nap for about an hour and a half. And I take another unexpected nap in the late afternoon/evening, which means I end up going to sleep late. So, if some of my posts come through later (or early, early the next morning) that’s why. Just my body being completely uncooperative with what I’m trying to do with my life hahahaha

Anyway, for this evening’s mask, I chose a really cool one from the Yes to brand. I used to use their cucumber facial wipes until my face skin revolted against wipes. They are all just too scratchy for some reason. But, while I was able to use them, I liked them a lot. The also have some pretty cool face masks. I chose the primrose oil mud mask tonight.

It’s supposed to calm and soothe skin, which I always like, having rosacea. It had a neat cooling effect as I was applying it. It seemed to warm up, though, and got a little bit sting-y. It was short lived, and not that painful. Just something I noticed. The time for this mask was only 5-10 minutes, which I thought was interesting. Most masks are 10-15, or 15-20 minutes. If you’re short on time, this would be a great option.

I tried something new this evening to remove the mask. I saw these at Walmart when I bought this mask and figured they’d be really cool.


I was mistaken haha Because this was an oil-infused mask, this sponge just moved the mud around on my face. It might be a good tool for other types of masks, but oily ones are just a no. Funny story, after I bought a pack of these sponges, I got a pack in each of my Walmart beauty boxes. So now, I have three packs of them. Let’s hope they work better on another type of mask!! I really want them to work!

After I finally got the mask removed, my face was very soft. Four hours later, it’s still incredibly soft and hydrated feeling, even on the tops of my cheeks, where I experience the most dryness. It didn’t do much for my redness, but it never claimed to remove that. I was kinda hoping it would, since it’s a calming/soothing formula. This one is a winner. And for the price, around $3, this is an excellent choice.

Have you tried this mask? What do you think? Lemme know!


Try-It Tuesday ~ Mystery Eye Makeup Remover

**This post contains affiliate links**

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is having a fine Tuesday! I’m still melting down here, but that’s okay, “winter is coming” hahahaha

I have an amazing makeup removing product for you guys today. I’m sure some of you have heard of it, but I am stunned every time I use it. It’s inexpensive and you get A TON of product. I would even go so far as to say that it could very well last at least a year. I can hear y’all now, “what is this amazing product, Carrie? Don’t keep us in the dark!” Okay, okay … the magical mystery makeup remover is (although you can clearly see the photo haha):



I cannot sing the praises of this product enough. Not only does it remove waterproof makeup, but it can work as a moisturizer in a pinch, it’s great on your hair, smells incredible and makes a mean pan o’ brownies! Amazon carries an ample supply of Natures Way Oil Coconut(<<affiliate link), but it can also be found at your local grocery store.

Coconut oil works better than any commercial makeup remover I have ever used. There’s no hard rubbing of the delicate eye area. It takes about 20-30 seconds of gently working it into the eyelashes to make sure it melts all of it away. Wipe away with a cotton round and that’s it! Wash your face with your favorite cleanser, get your nighttime skin care routine done and you can call it a night! Here are a few photos of the process:

I had great fun with a friend one evening and sent him a pic of my eye before I wiped what was left of my makeup away. He was instantly concerned, thinking I had blackened my eye somehow hahahahaha I keep a large tub of this in my makeup desk and a smaller container in my bathroom. Bear in mind that the melting point is relatively low, so if your house gets hot in the summer, I suggest keeping it in the fridge to keep it solid. You’ll just have to work it a little more to warm it up. This is a great product for those of you who may have chemical sensitivities, or just prefer a more natural product.

So what do you guys think? Have you tried coconut oil before? Were your results as good as mine? What other natural products have you used to remove makeup? Lemme know!